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Who cheats more? Men or Women?

Who cheats more, men or women?  Most people would say men cheat more and maybe we do.  I don’t know.  I think we get a bad wrap.  The amazing thing is that I talk to a lot of women and they all seem to think that all men cheat all the time…except their men.  And a lot of the guys I speak to believe women are very good at cheating and are just as bad as we are…except their women.  Well, from my own experiences, men cheat a lot, but women cheat better.

Women are not amazing at cheating, we’re just idiots.  In most cases women give us plenty of clues to let us know that we’re about to get cheated on.  You see, there are exceptions to every rule.  Some women cheat just because the sun is shining.  But in my travels I’ve learned, a neglected girlfriend will only take so much shit from you before she finally says yes to that guy at work or at the gym that she’s been turning down.  Yes as we speak fellas, there is a guy right now hitting on your girl or wife.  He’s good looking, listens to her long winded stories (like he cares), and patiently waits for her to come in pissed at the fight you two had last night.  Next thing you know she shaving the forest below (she hasn’t shaved in a year!), and she’s matching her bra and panties again.

The reality is that men love women in any capacity.  We are hunters and women are the prey.  We hunt no matter what.  Women always ask, “Why do men cheat so much?”  Why?  Why not?  In many cases, there is no justification for our actions other than being horny.  We love sex.  It’s as simple as that.  We love hot, stank-nasty, butt-naked monkey love anywhere, anytime.  No matter how good the relationship is, a man will dip-out (sneak out).

Women can’t conceive the fact that men are detached from sex emotionally.  If your man walks up and says, “C’mon baby, let’s do this”, and you say no, he will simply think of other ways (the Internet) or other women to help him through the “hard” times.  Some women are as gangster as men.  Sometimes women will wake up next to you in the morning with a fake-ass yawn and tell you, “well, look at the time…don’t you need to be somewhere?”

Now that technology is so advanced, cheating is even more devious than ever!  Men and women go through incredible measures to effectively cheat.  We text, e-mail, IM, chat, socially network, date online and ten thousand other things I can’t even think of right now.  We have email addresses that the other party doesn’t know about.  We have phones hidden away from our partners eyes.  We have friends we shouldn’t have.  And at the end of the day we have to dump emails and erase histories so that we can achieve our goal.  I’ve seen the most computer illiterate women become Internet savvy to either get their cheat on or find out if their partner is cheating.

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